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Imagine a life where you could purchase a home from a catalogue. Imagine a home you could get in few weeks. Imagine a home where quality is not compromised. Imagine a place where your home is unique and well designed. Imagine a place where you donít have to deal with all the contractors and subcontractors. Imagine a place where you know what you get. Imagine a place which leaves you enough time to do other things. Imagine a place which will leave you enough money to enjoy your life. Imagine a place where your soul is at peace. This place already exists.

ZENKAYA, for your peace of mind.

Direct contact

  • Email address: info@zenkaya.com 
  • Tel: [+27] (0)8 28 333 324 (South Africa)
  • Tel: [+258] 8230 32 856 (Mozambique)


The stackable black unit (3 levels) is

59cm high, 65cm long and 40cm wide,

costing R675 including +- 1000 worms,

containing some

baby worms and eggs.

With worm bin composting you allow thousands of red wrigglers to consume your organic waste.     
The worms break down the waste in less time and space than traditional composting methods 
and provide a superior end product in the form of castings or vermicompost. 
Unlike the common earthworm, the red wiggler does not burrow, but lives in the top section of 
the bin. Recycle you kitchen waste!


+2774 440 0711 
EMAIL: info@wormdotcompost.co.za  

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